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Scratch Loves: Twivo


Despite religiously following your favorite show, you make plans with a friend to grab dinner and drinks. You set your DVR to record your show so you watch at a later date. All is good. But you forgot one thing: everyone will be Tweeting, posting, writing about the show on social media…you can’t possibly cut yourself off from your feeds, but spoilers run amuck! What’s to be done?

Those days are soon-to-be over thanks to 17-year-old developer, Jennie Lawrence. The only female in the Boston Hackathon. Jennie won the competition with her Google Chrome extension, Twivo, that eliminates specific words or phrases from your Twitter feed. Basically, you can block anything Tweeted about any TV show, sports event, news item – whatever it is you’re trying to avoid. Spoilers be gone!

You’re probably asking yourself, “What took so long?” Well, sometimes it takes just the right person, in this case a very special teen who took only 10 hours to compile her code. Thank you, Jennie, for this elegant solution to staying in touch with our social networks, without ruining the recorded surprises waiting for us at home.

The Friday Listicle: Stuff We Liked From Across the Internetz


Fresh links! Get your fresh links! The coolest internet love we could find:

The Friday Listicle: Stuff We Liked From Across the Internetz


OML… Oh my Listicle! Here are some fun links we came across to brighten your work week.

Scratch Loves: Take My Picture

TAKE MY PICTURE from GARAGE Magazine on Vimeo.

As the pioneer of street style photography, Bill Cunningham, once said, “The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been and always will be.” With the recent influx of street style blogs and the fashion world craving candid streetwear shots, street style is finally getting the cred it deserves. But is all this new attention transforming what was once genuine and raw into just another overly-produced shell of itself?

Garage Magazine created a short film called, “Take My Picture” that explores this fashion phenomenon. It delves into the meta issue of bloggers photographing other bloggers for their blog, the “peacock-ing” effect outside of fashion shows as well as the importance street style has on culture.

Get a glimpse of this overtly colorful, pattern-centric, fashion-slaved world.

The Friday Listicle: Stuff We Liked From Across the Internetz


Let’s take a look back at the past and see it in a whole new way…

The Friday Listicle: Stuff We Liked From Across the Internetz


This week’s Listicle theme is no theme! It’s just a few links that we thought were cool. Happy clicking!

Scratch Loves: R’Ah

R´ha [short movie] from Kaleb Lechowski on Vimeo.

At a worldly 22 years of age, Kaleb Lechowski has taken it upon himself to write, animate, direct and produce his own Sci-Fi short, R’ah. Born of a simple 3-D requirement assigned during his second semester at school, he went well above and beyond the requirements, spending seven months to create his dystopian interpretation of otherworldly existence. The care taken on his craft has been likened to the kind of stuff coming out of fully-funded Hollywood productions, earning Kaleb some great press and a chance at creating a full length feature film version.

We love seeing Millennials reshaping the ways we create and share, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Kaleb! Check out his short.

The Friday Listicle: Stuff We Liked From Across the Internetz


It’s 2013! We made it despite the Mayans’ prediction. Let’s celebrate with fun links:

Scratch Loves: Champagne Capitalist

The dinner party – for children, it’s the epitome of a boring night. Classy jazz playing in the background while adults pay just enough attention so you have to be on your best behavior. Where’s the fun in that?

Faye Planer and Tristan Martin’s short film, “Champagne Capitalist,” dips into the imagination of a young girl trapped in dinner party hell as she transforms her predicament from banal evening to fun adventure. The filmmakers employ stop-motion animation – an art that seemed nearly lost to CGI – to help tell the tale. The painstaking process is a nod to the maker movement that Millennials are helping take mainstream, and we’re excited to see more!

Follow the link to find out more about Pestle & Mortar.

The Friday Listicle: Stuff We Liked From Across the Internetz

And another week comes to an end. We hope everyone affected by Sandy has had a safe and easy transition back to work-life. It’s time to relax and enjoy some links that will hopefully put a smile on your face.


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