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I Am Not A Hipster

I Am Not A Hipster is writer and director Destin Daniel Cretton‘s reflection on the San Diego indie scene through the eyes of a young musician, Brooke, desperately trying to cope with his mother’s passing.

“People usually assume that a hipster is really pretentious about art and clothes and creativity, but that’s not the people that I know in the indie music and art scene,” Cretton continued. “They’re honestly some of the most genuine, childlike, creative people that I’ve ever met.”

Ion Cinema sums up the film pretty perfectly:

The film stands upon Bogart’s (Brooke) incredibly invidious, but commanding performance, and the on screen realization of West’s memorable score. There are a variety of devout live performances sprinkled throughout the film that induce hair raising goosebumps due to their heartfelt authenticity. Multiple scenes even depicts the home recording process with astute realism, showing both the magic of what can be done with a personal computer, and the utter absurdity of recording alone in a room with headphones on.

Although it’s fun to explore the stereotypical aspects of the indie scene and bash on hipster culture, I Am Not A Hipster is an attempt to move away from the negative connotations of “hipsterism” by offering a different, authentic perspective that focuses on our shared human experience.

The film features original songs and live performances by Canines that you can check out here.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think.


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